Irish Dreads

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New page

Be sure to check out the new page on facebook..

Dreads By Kas
loads of new pictures going up!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

New page on Facebook

New page on Facebook..!
Im merging the group into a Like page, that way i can intergrate it with the blog and its much more of a public thing.. Then more people in Ireland with Dreadlocks can find out whats going on! :)

Click HERE to goto the new page :)



Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Today I had the pleasure of meeting Claire, she called up to the house and just wanted 3 dreads done on the back of her head. Shes been wanting dreads for about 10 years, so shes easing herself into it.. While talking to her we figured out we grew up quite close to each other for a brief period and now shes here and working in a cobblers! Now thats interesting! I need to get some Viking Style Shoes made up :)

More Dreads in the world :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ken an his mam.

Kennith and his Mam (who is over from the UK visiting) dropped over today from Cork, Ken was in for a bit of maintenance and brought his Mam along for the sights..
We spend most of the Maintenance watching an Idiot Abroad... its one of those shows that everyone has to love! Got the maintenance finished in about 3 hours.. Loads of tea had! Job!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A weekend of adventure.

So I was off on another Dread Adventure over the weekend, this time in Balbriggan, North Co. Dublin...

I ventured up to Dublin on Friday evening when I was finished a bit of radio work, I visited a friend of mine who I hadnt seen in a few years.. one of those nice meetups where nothing has changed and its as if you never parted.. Himself and some of his friends are squatting on the north inner city.

I wasnt in the door long and was looking for something to do, I love the squatting and DIY culture, and naturally when i was told there was no water in the upstairs of the building in the 2 months of them living there, i had to investigate..

I got into the attic and opened all the stopcocks, filled the tank which in turn filled the hot water cylinder.. Hit the switches and.... woooo hot water!

Having lived in the suburbs for the last year or 2, ive adjusted to how quiet they are.. So after drinking tea and chattin for a few hours, I bedded down on the couch..
The noise of the streets outside kept me awake, it wasnt distressing, in a way it was peaceful and enlightening to know that spaces like this are popping up again.. and rightly too! The more Squats the better.

From there the next morning (Saturday) I walked into town, got the train to Balbriggan to meet Irene and her 3 lovely kids.. Spent a few hours in her house fixing up her hair, Her hairtype was Black / Afro/ Caribbean.. Her friend Susan dropped up for a look because shes looking to get her hair maintained as well...
Her youngest has the best little giggle ive heard in a long time.. cheered me up loads.. not that I was upset, im always happy when im on the road meeting people..

Train back into Dublin where i ran the Beshoffs to get some Gluten Free Fish and Chips.. then jumped ont he 65 bus to Blessington to hang out with my brother.. watched norbit and played xbox.. some craic!

If your in Ireland and want maintenance, get in touch! we see what we can workout.. you can come visit me or ill come visit you :D

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Irish Dreads

Its crazy...
Everytime I update my blog I get a huge volume of people requesting to get dreads done.. So now I have people in Dublin for Dreadlocks, People in Cork, People all over Ireland..
Get in touch if your interested, or check out the FB page, its a little quiet but im always there :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dreadlocks Ireland

So Friday I got a bus from Waterford to Dublin to do 3 peoples dreads in 24hrs and then get the bus back.. On the bus I bumped into an old dread friend Lydia and we agreed to do work on each others hair before she moves to Dublin.. So all going well that will be in the next month..

So I got off the bus and said goodbye to Lydia, jumped on the Luas and headed on over to Gina and Hemants house.. Gina has a load of dreads on the back of her head that havent been touched in over a year so we got to work after a little food.

Hung out for a hour or 2 after the dreads were finished and then bedded down.
The following morning I tackled Jans 75 - 80 or so dreads.. they took the best part of the day, but somewhere near the start I fixed up 3 dreads for a girl called Mariana whos been in Ireland only a few short months.. then I got back into Jans head..

I drank my weight in Chai Tea and ate loads of lovely Indian food!
Doing Dreadlocks anywhere in Ireland is always a pleasure.. and so is meeting new people :)